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Autumn Facts for Kids: 2 minute read

8th Oct 2019

Learning About Autumn & The Changing of the Seasons

There is no fixed time period for the season of Autumn. It can shift from year to year. This is because the earth’s orbit is not perfect. Although most people are not aware of it, the first day and last day of autumn generally shift about 24 hours every year. The beginning of Autumn generally falls between September 21 and September 23 depending on the year. This day is known as the Autumn equinox. On this day the amount of sun and the amount of night are equal, which is the same as the Spring equinox. The last day of Autumn falls on December 21 to December 23.

Here’s some science - Why Do Leaves Fall Off

Leaves are the energy generators for plants. By using sunlight, water and carbon dioxide and chlorophyll they create food for the tree. The trees then pass oxygen into the air. The reason that the leaves change colour is due to the shortening of the days. As this occurs the leaves begin to produce less chlorophyll and change colour. Many people think that the leaves turn colour but this is not true. The leaves are actually the colours we see in the Autumn. The reason that the leaves are green is because they are full of chlorophyll.

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