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St Josephs Primary School, Slate Street, Belfast
School re-opens on Thurs 30th August (Thurs & Fri 8.45am-12noon): Breakfast club & dinners will commence on Mon 3rd Sept. | August 2018: Month of the Immaculate Heart of Mary | July 2018: Month of the Most Precious Blood | Slimming World with Paddy - every Wed at 5.30pm & 7.30pm,  come join us
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Year Group

Areas to lead

Miss Mairead Weir



Mr. Jim Mc Cann

V. Principal

Special Educational Needs coordinator  Designated Teacher for Child Protection

Mrs. Ciara Peoples

Year 1

P.E. Sports Coordinator,

Mrs Ciara Kearney

Year 1

Music coordinator

Mrs. Janet Glackin

Year 2

Foundation Stage coordinator  School Management Team

Miss Niamh McCormick

 Year 2


Ms. Laura Mc Allister

Year 2  Nurture  

Nurture teacher , Literacy coordinator Designated Teacher for Child Protection (Assistant)

Mrs Danielle Lynch

Year 3

CRED (Community Relations Education) World Around Us Coordinator

Miss Nuala Starrs

Year 3

 ICT coordinator 

Mrs Emma McComish

Year 4


Miss Micaela O'Neill (Mr McGoldrick)

Year 4


Mrs. Oonagh Dawson

Year 5

 Numeracy coordinator
Mr Dominic Fryers  Year 5/6  Assistant Music coordinator
Miss Colette Barr  Year 6 Religious Education coordinator  PDMU coordinator Reading Partnership coordinator, Leader of Assessment

Mr Chris Perry

Year 7 Creative Arts coordinator Assistant ICT coordinator



School Management Team

Miss Mairead Weir

Vice Principal 
Mr. Jim Mc Cann

Head of Foundation Teacher
Mrs. Janet Glackin

Parent Officer
Mrs. Caroline Morelli

School Secretary
Mrs. Christine Green

School Support Team

Classroom/General Assistants 

Mrs. Linda Wilkinson
Ms. Frances Wilson (Nurture)
Mrs. Geraldine Donnelly
Mrs. Janette Casimero
Mrs. Elish Loughran
Miss Carla Mc Grath
Ms. Annette Rosbotham
Ms. Agnieszka Piatkowska
Mrs. Michelle Kelly                
Miss Martine Mc Garry

Ms D O'Reagan

Ms L Brown

Ms J Hartley

Building Supervisor
Mr. Robert Devlin

Cleaning Staff
Mrs. Lorraine Mc Clenaghan
Ms. Briege Robinson
Mrs. Colette McGreechin

Lunch time supervisors
Mrs. Lorraine Mc Clenaghan
Ms. Kate Glover

School Patrol
Mr. James Smyth