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St Josephs Primary School, Slate Street, Belfast
Sports Day; P5-P7 Wednesday 5th June, P1-P4 Thursday 6th June. 9.15-12noon. Wear PE gear to school. Parents welcome to meet us at Grosvenor pitch | PE for this term: Monday Miss Kelly P4. Tuesday both P3 classes, P4 Mr Perry & P2 Mrs McComish/Lynch. Wednesday P2 Mrs Glackin. Thursday both P1s, P5s, P6s & P7s. Swimming - Tuesday Miss Halfpenny, Wednesday Mr Manning. | Be in your line for quarter to 9! Punctuality limits disruption to teaching 😊
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Buddy time with our P7s & P1s 📚

22nd Apr 2024
P7s came for a story time visit with the P1s 📚📖⭐️
Buddy reading, pairing younger and older children in primary school, fosters both academic and social development. For younger children, it offers mentorship, boosting literacy skills and confidence as they receive personalised guidance from older peers. Simultaneously, older students hone leadership abilities, patience, and empathy by supporting their younger buddies. This intergenerational interaction cultivates a sense of responsibility and camaraderie, creating a positive learning environment where everyone benefits and grows together. 💫📚