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St Josephs Primary School, Slate Street, Belfast
Year 4 - First Communion 11 AM. Children/families should be seated in St Peter's Cathedral 10:30-10:45. | PE for this term: Monday Miss Kelly P4. Tuesday both P3 classes, P4 Mr Perry & P2 Mrs McComish/Lynch. Wednesday P2 Mrs Glackin. Thursday both P1s, P5s, P6s & P7s. Swimming - Tuesday Miss Halfpenny, Wednesday Mr Manning. | Be in your line for quarter to 9! Punctuality limits disruption to teaching 😊
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Easter cookery 🍫

26th Mar 2024
Today in The Sunshine Room we made chocolate bird’s nests 🪺. Our topic is Spring has Sprung, in spring birds play eggs and baby chicks are born! We followed a procedure to mage delicious spring buns!😊 Maybe you could have a go at home!