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Miss Weir's Farewell to our Year 7s

23rd Jun 2017

Revered father, Girls, Boys, Parents and Staff

The school year is full of memorable occasions and we attach different emotions and feelings to each of them. There is the family joy of witnessing a son or daughter make their First Holy Communion or Confirmation, or celebration on their faith journey, no matter what faith they belong to. The awesome admiration of our children’s talents that we all feel when we see the Christmas show, school concert or the Passion Play at Easter.

However, when I reflect on today’s events, among a mixture of emotions, the overriding one is pride in each and every one of our Year 7s.

Today, is a celebration of the talents and giftedness of a Primary 7 who have left a lasting mark on our whole school community. I could talk endlessly about their achievements, the marvellous progress each boy and girl has made during their years in St. Joseph’s, their growing confidence, their fantastic musical, sporting, dramatic, artistic accomplishments.

All of these will stand each of you in good stead in the years to come. As teachers we are confident that one day your pictures will be fixed to our wall of fame with a note attached recording your achievements to come – architect, mechanic, teacher, doctor, member of the royal ballet, professional footballer, journalist, carer, stylist, boxer, Olympian, Reverend Father, BAFTA winning actor/actress, graduate with honours. The list is as endless as is your giftedness.

However, boys and girls each of you takes from St. Joseph’s and your wonderful homes another gift which transcends everything else that you will ever do or achieve and that is your capacity to show love and kindness to others.

All our gifts come from God but remember p 7s that when we show love and kindness to others we become greater than any architect, doctor, scientist, champion or celebrity. We become the kind hands and the comforting voice of Jesus himself.

When you go to your new schools in September, please dream big and plan to become the best you can be – but never forget to value the special person you are. Work for success in examinations but never forget the ongoing work to mould your characters so that in future years you can be a force for good in our community and society as a whole.

In St. Joseph’s you have learnt to be a friend to yourself and to others in your class. You have developed the strength and wisdom to know the difference between right and wrong and you all have the courage within you to say NO when you feel the choice is wrong. Remember you received these special gifts from the Holy Spirit in the Sacrament of Confirmation just earlier this year. The Holy Spirit will be with you your whole life through. Call on Him.

Please bring these gifts, personal skills and qualities to your new school. You will have the friendship and best wishes of your friends in St. Joseph’s to speed you on your way.

When you came to St. Joseph’s, seven years ago for most of you, you became a part of a school family. As you leave to take your place in a range of excellent post-primary schools, I urge you to pray to St. Joseph when you are making choices about school and life. He taught the young Jesus by his word and example. Let him teach you and mould you in the image of God’s Son and may the fulfilment of your plan be God’s dream.