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Study recommends that people ditch both diet & normal fizzy drinks

4th Sep 2019

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has warned that drinking just two diet fizzy drinks a day can reduce your life expectancy by a quarter.

The organisation carried out a large scale study of more than 450,000 people in ten countries across across sixteen years to study the impact of fizzy drinks.

The experiment found that all people who drink soft drinks on a regular basis risk dying younger, but those who opt for the diet option lived for an even shorter period.

The death rate of those who drank at least two diet drinks a day was 26pc higher than those who had less than one a month.

The WHO class one drink as 250ml, meaning just one 500ml bottle a day can greatly decrease your life expectancy.

Those indulging in the diet drinks were 52pc more likely to die of cardiovascular disease.

The study recommends that people ditch both diet and normal fizzy drinks and instead opt for water.

‘Artificially sweetened soft drinks have few or no calories; however, their long-term physiological and health implications are largely unknown,’ the study found.

‘Water is the safest thing.’

Dr Neil Murphy said that the results show artificial additives ‘may induce glucose intolerance’ which will in turn cause high blood insulin levels.

Source MSN