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St Josephs Primary School, Slate Street, Belfast
Friday 28th June 2024 School closes 11.45am for summer break | P 2 - P7 will return to school on Tuesday 27th August. The first week will be half days; Children will finish at 12 noon. The first full day of the new school term will take place on Monday 2nd September. P2 will finish at 1.45pm and P3-P7 will finish at | Be in your line for quarter to 9! Punctuality limits disruption to teaching 😊
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Time to Read 📖

11th Jun 2024

⚖️ Our P5 Time to Read trip to Lewis Silkin Law Firm 📚 Many thanks to the team of lawyers who volunteer in our school every week 📚 Helping to inspire the next generation ⚖️  
Inviting visitors to schools to inspire career choices is important for several reasons:

  1. **Exposure to Diverse Careers**: Students gain insights into a wide range of career options they may not have considered or even known about. This broadens their horizons and helps them make more informed decisions about their future paths.  

2. **Real-World Insights**: Visitors can provide real-life examples and experiences from their careers, making abstract concepts more concrete and relatable for students. This helps bridge the gap between academic learning and practical application.

 3. **Role Models and Inspiration**: Seeing successful professionals can be highly motivating for students. These visitors can serve as role models, showing students what is possible and inspiring them to pursue their goals with determination.  

4. **Networking Opportunities**: Engaging with professionals allows students to start building a network that could be beneficial for future internships, mentorships, and job opportunities. Early connections can be valuable in the competitive job market.  

5. **Skill Development**: Interacting with visitors can help students develop important soft skills such as communication, networking, and professional etiquette. These are crucial for career success and often complement academic achievements.  

6. **Relevance of Education**: Visitors can help students see the relevance of their education by linking classroom learning to real-world applications. This can enhance student engagement and motivation to learn.  

7. **Career Guidance and Mentoring**: Visitors can offer practical advice and mentorship, guiding students on educational pathways, necessary skills, and steps needed to achieve their career goals. This personalised guidance can be invaluable in making strategic decisions about their futures.  

8. **Encouragement for Underserved Students**: For students from underserved communities, visitors can be especially impactful by providing encouragement, breaking down perceived barriers, and showing that success is achievable regardless of background.

Overall, inviting visitors to schools enriches the educational experience and equips students with the knowledge, inspiration, and connections needed to pursue their career aspirations effectively.