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St Josephs Primary School, Slate Street, Belfast
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Winners! Belfast City Council Coca Cola Zero Belfast Bikes Competition

27th Jun 2018

Congratulations to our winners in the 'Design a bike panel' competition which took place over the last week. We are thrilled that we had so many winners from our school. We are truly proud of each and every one of our entrants. A massive thank you to you our parents for always supporting your children and encouraging them to do their best and have a go!   Please see info below on Coca Cola Zero Belfast Bikes.

How it works


Before you can rent a bike, you have to register once with your personal information. For your future rentals, our system will identify you with your customer card or phone number. After the registration, members can use the nextbike system in any city available, worldwide. On one customer account, you can rent up to four bikes at the same time.

You can sign up here on the council website, via app, at the terminal, or by phoning the hotline +44 (0) 34 33571551image

Please select a subscription fee, you can choose between a 3 Day Account and an Annual Fee.

How to rent a bike

1. Rental through terminals

  • Press “Rental”.
  • Hold customer card on the sensor or enter your phone number.
  • Follow the instructions on display and remove the bike from the docking point.
  • The code of the extra lock is displayed additionally for use away from the official docking stations.

2. Rental via hotline

To rent a bike, please call the hotline number on the terminal. A computer voice will guide you through the process and release your chosen bike. Please make sure that the caller ID on your phone is activated.

3. Smartphone apps and mobile website

Our official smartphone app for Android and iPhone will help you rent a bike using the convenience of your smartphone, it is called "Nextbike" in the app stores. Although bikes can be return via the app we recommend that all bikes are docked in an official station. When a station is full please locate the nearest terminal to you with spaces or in exceptional circumstances the additional lock may be used. No bike is to be left unsecure at any time, failure to return a bike in a secure manner could result in additional charges. Our mobile website is also optimised for rental and return with almost every modern phone.

image image

4. Multiple rentals

As an annual member it is possible to rent up to 4 bikes on one membership. Simply rent the first bike which will have the first 30 mins free. To hire the additional bikes, repeat the process up to a maximum of three additional bikes. These bikes are chargeable from the point of rental, and will cost 50p for every half hour up to four hours. This will increase to £2.00 per half hour up to a maximum of 24 hours.

How to return the bike

The bikes must be returned to an official Belfast Bikes station.

  • Insert the bike into the docking point until it is fixed.
  • An audible tone and light indicates successful return, please physically check your bike is locked in place before leaving station.
  • In the event of a problem when docking the bike, please contact the hotline.
  • If the docking station is full, use a nearby station. If this is not possible, lock the bike next to the station with the extra lock and confirm the return via the app or by calling the hotline.


You can pay by credit/debit card at the terminal or entering your credit card / direct debit information online. In case of direct debit, the activation of your account may take up to three days.

A pre-authorisation to debit an amount of £120 is required for annual and casual subscribers which will apply for non return, late return or for damage attributed to the subscriber.